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In this gallery are works of art, architecture or objects that interest me, been influenced by or found inspiration in.

Interior Form 1951

Henry Moore

Oval Sculpture (No. 2) 1943

Barbara Hepworth

Couronne de bourgeon II 1936

Jean Arp

Mobius Arch

Bird with Talons

Colored Paper Image 1 (White curve w

Ellsworth Kelly

Three Piece Sculpture: Vertebrae 197

Henry Moore

And In the Beginning

Bruce Gray

Black and White 1960-1

Ellsworth Kelly

Large Two Forms 1969

Henry Moore

Arc 8 1963

Hideki Fukushima

Developable Surface 1939

Antoine Pevsner

Figure (Archaean) 1959

Barbara Hepworth

Ptolemy 1953

Jean Arp

Disaya Fang Bracelet and Bangle

The Arch 1963-9

Henry Moore

View of the Eiffel Tower

Savage Beauty

Alexander McQueen


Bernardo Cesare

Wind 2017

Phillia Yi

Rain 2013

Phillia Yi

Trastevere II 2017

Phillia Yi


Before and After 1961

Andy Warhol

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Marshes 2002

Anish Kapoor

Growth 1938-60

Jean Arp

Cocon du Vide 2000

Chen Zhen

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