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Thesis Work Artist Statement

My association with art has always been through my hands, touch plays an integral role me as an object maker and my identity. They are how I connect with my work, from concept to finished piece. The artists’ handis an important element when we talk about art, but for me, it has become the art, a way for me to stay connected to my own history as an artist since adding new two-dimensional work to my practice.

A focus on how the body aches and pains, and heals, I use photography and digital media as a visual language. In my collage (Dis)Repair (2020), I give autonomy to chance and happenstance by dropping images from height and allowing chance to form an ever-changing collage each time it is installed. I look at this collage as a contradiction of wholeness and fragmentation, both for my identity and my body. Currently, my body is a fragmented self that needs to be restored and that a new whole can be formed.  

Arthrography (2020), an installation piece formed from a sequence of 27 images is a response to my experience getting an arthrogram for an MRI on my shoulder in the spring of 2020.  I was able to view a live x-ray as the doctor injected contrast dye filling my shoulder socket, left me with hope that I would begin to heal. Pain and healing are at the core of Arthrography since this series is of the body, from the body, for the body.

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